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Here at Clayton Community School, we encourage the full participation of the children to meet their social, educational, and recreational needs. Our center provides a stimulating choice of supervised activities to help children experience new situations and explore their maximum potentials. We are a non-profit daycare originally established in order to meet the childcare needs of the community and we still are striving for the same goal today. 


  • To provide a physically and emotionally safe enviornment for all children.
  • To provide a caring atmosphere which encourages and allows for the expression and fulfillment of the children's physical, emotional, and social needs.
  • To establish an atmosphere of respect for oneself, for the rights of others, and for equiptment and property.
  • To help children improve their self-esteem and self control through personal, social, and intellectual growth.
  • To guide children in learning and practicing conflict resolution by providing them with appropriate ways to explore anger, so they can problem-solve in positive ways.
  • To establish an organized routine and a standardized behavior pattern for our center.
  • To provide an enviornment where the children can express their enthusiasm for learning through creative exploration and constructive play activities in areas such as art, drama, science, music, games, and movement.
  • To be supportive of parents and provide a link of communication between the parents, the child, and Clayton Community School teachers.

Nancy Haley - Center Director, Mike Jacobus - Assistant Director

Clayton Community School

Childcare/Preschool Provider

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

5880 Mt. Zion Drive, Clayton, CA 94517

Mailing Address: CCS, PO Box 772, 

Clayton, CA 94517

Phone: (925) 672-0388

Cell: (925) 993-8489

Fax: (925) 673-1476